Milk Planet Premium Disposable Breast Pad 36pcs


-Cholorine, perfume and toxin – free.

-Ultra-soft and breathable with super-absorbency.

-Perfect fit.

-Individually wrapped for better hygiene.

-Moisture and leak proof

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Milk Planet Premium Disposable Breast Pad 36pcs

Milk Planet  Disposable Breast Pads (36pcs)

  • Cholorine, perfume and toxin – free.
    • Use of non -harmful material that prevents irritation
  • Ultra-soft and breathable with super-absorbency.
    • The newly developed high quality non- woven fabric is used for a soft feel to skin and to quickly absorb excess milk for a drier feel at all times
  • Perfect fit.
    • The double-sided selft -adhesive tape firmly grips and provides a nice fit in the bra
  • Individually wrapped for better hygiene.
    • Smart design in super thin hygienic packs for ease of use at home and while on-the-go
  • Moisture and leak proof
    • The ply-laminated waterproof fanric prevents leakages



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