Successful breastfeeding shall begin on the very first day your baby was born. Here are some useful tips on breastfeeding on the FIRST WEEK of birth.

1. Number of wet diapers.

Should be equals to baby’s age – day 1, 1 wet diaper, day 2, 2 wet diapers and so on. Note the diaper heaviness and urine color (should be pale yellowish, not dark and smelly)

2. Number of soiled diapers.

The meconium stools should be increasing through days on the first 7 days.

3. Number of feedings.

Baby should be waking up or showing sign for wanting milk for every 2-3 hours, and nearly hourly feeding during night time (estimation only). Total of feeding should be around 8-12 times in 24hours. However, mothers are encouraged to feed the baby whenever baby shows the hunger signal.

#hunger signals: smacking or licking lips, opening and closing mouth, sucking on lips, tongue, hands or fingers

4. A comfortable latch.

A good latch won’t hurt the breast. Make sure baby latch on the areola.

5. Swallowing.

Each jaw movement counts as one suck. Your baby should swallow every third suck when the breasts contain colostrum and almost EVERY suck when the mature milk comes in (by day 4). A swallow may be an obvious gulp (especially when the milk is in) but more typically you will hear a soft, nasal exhalation.

6. Pacifiers.

No pacifier should be introduced to baby on the first 2 weeks. If baby wants to suck, offer breast which can help to stimulate the breast to make more milk and increase prolactine.

7. Supplement.

If all goes naturally, no supplement is needed. However mother can choose to take supplement for postpartum fast recovery and extra energy.

QUICK TIPS: Feed the baby on demand, nurse everytime baby shows the feeding signal. Watch the baby NOT the clock!


Good luck mommies!

Happy breastfeeding,

Ummi, PumpOnTheGo

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